Install your 10X-Magnetic-Identity in just 3 Days to effortlessly manifest 10X Earnings, Happiness and Joy using my Scientific 10X Identity Recreation Template™

— without any old meaningless unscientific law of attraction or assumption techniques, or extensive self-help.

10X Identity Recreation Challenge

Workshop Begins: June 7, 2024, at 7 AM

 100% money back guarantee.

Join Me for 3 Days: Start Your Journey to an Effortless New You & Reclaim 10X Joy and 10X Happiness and 10X Abundance During Our 3 Day Challenge!


Faruk Munshi, India's First Tech Burnout Life Coach and Identity Recreation Mentor, Creator of 10X Identity Recreation Template™

"The Universe does not give you what you want, The Universe gives you what your identity deserves. Your identity is the vessel through which the universe channels abundance." 

Here’s what you will discover in the 10X Identity Recreation Challenge


In just 3 days, you will start to

  • Unlock your potential
    for happiness and abundance
    with targeted 10X identity
    crafting techniques in
    12 areas of your life that
    redefine success on
    your terms.
  • Maximize your earnings
    by mastering the art of
    10X identity recreation,
    setting the stage for
    effortless 10X financial
    abundance beyond your
    current limits.
  • Alleviate mental and physical
    strain by adopting practices
    that enhance your well-being,
    leading to greater comfort
    and a healthier lifestyle.
  • Earn praise and recognition
    by developing an empowered
    and influential personal and
    professional identity that
    stands out.
  • Deepen connections and feel
    more loved by cultivating a
    persona that naturally attracts
    positive relationships and enriching
    social interactions.
  • Boost your popularity and elevate
    your social status by embodying the
    qualities of a 10X identity, becoming
    a magnet for opportunity and community admiration.

When you will recreate your 10X identity, you can say goodbye to

  • Scarcity Chronic Burnout
    and Exhaustion
  • Financial Stress:constant worry
    over money, instability, lack
    of new opportunities
  • Dissatisfaction in Career
  • Struggle for Work-Life Balance
  • Disconnected Personal Life
  • Uncertainty about New Changes
    in Life
  • Fear of Failure
  • Lack of Purpose and Recognition
  • Lack of Joy and Fulfillment
  • Inability to Go For Dream
    Life and Relationship
  • Uncertainty about passions
    and soul-aligned goals.
  • Emotional Pain

100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied you will get your money back within 10 days after the workshop ends. Also If you execute all exercises with me, you will get points worth Rs. 1000 to encash. Because only when you win I win.

Here is how Identity Recreation is different from other outdated, unscientific manifestation techniques


Here’s what people with recreated identity have to say about the challenge

Just Awesome


Seemed my rebirth


Got purpose


Here’s what you are going to discover in the 3-Day 10X Identity Recreation Challenge

Day 1 | Level 1: Unveiling Your Unlimited Potential (Know Your True Divine Power)

Day 2 | Level 2: Reclaim your life (Start Using Your Power)

Day 3 | Level 3: Crafting Your Joyful Future (Recreate Your 10X Identity)


10X Identity Recreation Template for you to follow along and implement all the 10X identity recreation exercises


Live Q & A session to clarify all your doubts

100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied you will get your money back within 10 days after the workshop ends. Also If you execute all exercises with me, you will get points worth Rs. 1000 to encash. Because only when you win I win.

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Happy Money (Perceived Value: Rs. 7999/-) : This live workshop is a deep dive in our inner psychology related to money. How our deeply rooted subconscious programming affect money flow in our life. Mind programming for effortless flow of money in life.


Live Magically ( Perceived Value: Rs. 5999/-): Live Workshop to find the miracles in your everyday life. Overcome messy, mad and mundane state of mind


Science of Calm Mind (Perceived Value: Rs. 6999/-) : A practical guide to reclaim your calm mind in 8 days. A magical live workshop.


Identity Recreation Template™ (Perceived Value: Rs. 999/-) : A practical guide to craft your dream life. Get insight by filling in the blank about your life, get action plans and manifest effortlessly.


Daily Guided 6-Phase Meditation session and Book Reading Live for Lifetime (It is priceless) : Start each day with our transformative 6-phase meditation and book reading, designed to enhance your productivity and well-being. These 25-minute morning sessions are the perfect way to sustain your growth and continue applying the principles you learn in our workshop. Join our supportive community and make every morning a step towards a better you—all at no extra cost!

100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied you will get your money back within 10 days after the workshop ends. Also If you execute all exercises with me, you will get points worth Rs. 1000 to encash. Because only when you win I win.

Meet Your Coach


Meet Faruk Munshi - Your 10X Identity Recreation Mentor

I am Faruk Munshi, India's First Tech Burnout Life Coach and Identity Recreation Mentor. As a student, I believed that working from home with a decent salary was all I needed for a happy and peaceful life. This led me to become a software developer. I excelled at my job and enjoyed programming passionately, which led me to switch jobs for higher salaries. However, gradually, I realized that this was not sustainable for my entire life. I began to experience burnout, and my work-life balance was severely disrupted, feeling trapped in what seemed like modern digital slavery. Moreover, I recognized that this path wouldn't lead me to financial freedom, abundance, or mental peace.

I invested in world-class programs to seek happiness, joy, and abundance, spending almost 20 lakhs. These experiences opened my mind, allowing me to see the world through a different lens. I moved from victim consciousness to manifestor consciousness, identifying the root issues affecting many talented individuals stuck in victimhood, unable to discover their soul-aligned purpose or special gifts from the universe. I questioned why so many feel disconnected from the world, trapped in survival mindset, not realizing the universe embodies them with unlimited potential for love, generosity, abundance, and compassion.

I found the answers and discovered something remarkable—a universal gift meant to assist others. My life's purpose became clear, and I crafted my life vision and mission around these insights. I aim to guide individuals to connect with their soul's superpower and recreate an identity that aligns with their infinite worth.
Are you ready to unlock your heart, unleash your superpower, serve your unique purpose, and reclaim the abundant life you deserve?

Got Questions? We've Got You Covered.

  • What is Identity Recreation?

The universe will not give you what you want; instead, it reflects what you are. Our current place in life aligns with our identity. To achieve our ideal life, we must embody the identity of those who already live that way. Transitioning to our desired identity in a holistic, scientific, and proven manner—psychologically, physiologically, and spiritually—is known as identity recreation. Once we've recreated our desired identity, the universe will adjust reality to fill the gaps, manifesting everything the new identity deserves. 🌌🔄🧬🧠💖

  • What is Identity Recreation Template™?

It's a revolutionary system that helps individuals delve deep and connect with their true identity, often obscured by cultural and social layers. By following the guidelines and completing the template, anyone can create actionable, bite-sized steps to transition to a new, desired identity, leading to tangible outcomes in all life areas. This template aids in recreating all components of one's identity—beliefs, thoughts, emotions, words/self-talk, actions—using a holistic approach. It focuses on creating a complete, magnetic identity with proven techniques, crafting an ideal future vision, and most importantly, outlining actionable steps to achieve that future.🚀💡🧭

  • How is Identity Recreation different from other manifestation techniques?

This approach is distinct from traditional manifestation techniques like the Law of Attraction and the Law of Assumption, which rely on unscientific rituals and may lead practitioners to believe that their desires will manifest automatically, often resulting in wasted time and disappointment. 🕰️🙅‍♂️💔 Michael Beckwith, a renowned spiritual teacher, explained in an interview with Vishen Lakhiani that such methods often fail because they overlook the crucial aspect of Identity Shifting. 🔄 Scientific evidence suggests that without psychological, physiological, and spiritual alignment with our ideal future, our brains are unlikely to recognize possibilities that could turn our dream life into reality. 🧠✨

  • How can Identity Recreation Template help me manifest my life goals?

The Identity Recreation Template is designed to inspire and help you gain clear insight into your current position and your aspirations across any life domain. It primes your brain to be receptive to recognizing boundless possibilities already present within you. Furthermore, it assists in mapping out various paths from your current state to your desired future, encouraging the establishment of solid habits to facilitate the quickest possible manifestation journey for you. 🧭✨🚀

This is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself before the time is over and all spots are filled, and you might never get the opportunity again.

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Faruk Munshi

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